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A Letter from our Founder



My name is Dr. Brie Moore and I am the creator of The Courage Project, a Nevada Non-profit.  I am Clinical Psychologist, specializing in the evidence-based treatment of psychological and behavioral health concerns in children.  I have been serving families in the Reno-Tahoe area for the past 10 years. 


The science of behavioral psychology has much to offer children in distress.  Over the past 50+ years, cognitive-behavioral approaches have outlined and refined discrete skills that children can learn to overcome anxiety and depression.  As you well know, outdoor experiences also can have a significant, positive impact on overall well-being.  In addition to being a psychologist, I am also an avid climber, paddler, skier, and general lover of the outdoors. I have found time in the mountains to have an invaluable impact on my life. 


In my years of practice, it has often struck me that many of the children I serve would benefit greatly from some thoughtful time outdoors.  What better place to bring alive psychological principles than in the Sierras!  This venture was born out of my desire to share with children in distress not only my knowledge, but also the perspective that only the mountains can provide.


To this end, The Courage Project provides opportunities for children to participate in summer and winter outdoor activities, all in the world-class destination of beautiful Lake Tahoe.  Our expert staff thoughtfully and compassionately support the unique needs of children who struggle with anxiety and depression, thus giving them access to previously inaccessible experiences.  Our approach provides children with balance and peace in their stressful lives, inspiration and motivation to challenge expectations, and the confidence to live life to the fullest. 


Our Mission:  Through mindful engagement in outdoor experiences, The Courage Project aims to enhance the lives of children who experience anxiety and depression and their families, raise awareness and destigmatize mental health concerns - one adventure at a time. 


If you share in the passion for our mission statement, know someone who has experienced anxiety or depression or if you find peace in the outdoors, please help us to grow this program, making our services accessible to children in our region and beyond. With your support, The Courage Project will fund outdoor excursions, such as rock climbing, stand up paddleboarding, skiing and more.  Your generous assistance will aid us in training our coaches, incorporating educational elements in our activities and providing our services free of charge, making these events available to children from all demographics. 


I encourage you to consider supporting The Courage Project. Childhood mental health is too often ignored and children seldom have access to needed support.  Please join us in investing in our children and in their developing capacity to cope with life stressors in positive, healthy ways.  We welcome your participation, on any level. Thank you, in advance for your time and consideration.  


Warmest Regards, 



Brie A. Moore, Ph.D.

The Courage Project, Inc.

A Nevada NonProfit Corporation



PO Box 4515 Incline Village, NV 89450 | w. | e.

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