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Welcome to The Courage Project Registration

*Please be sure to select and register for your Adventure prior to completing the waiver*


Please read the information below carefully. 

All adventures are free and are made possible by the generous donations of time, skill and equipment of our amazing sponsors and volunteers.  In order to make our adventures accessible to as many children as possible, we ask that you abide by the following terms and conditions of our financial and cancellation policies.  


  • Please only register for events that you are confident you can attend.

  • A credit card deposit is required to secure your reservation. 

  • If you are deemed ineligible for participation for any reason your deposit will be refunded.

  • After you attend an adventure, your deposit will be refunded within 7 business days of participation.

  • If you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, we require 7 days notice.  
  • If you cancel less than 7 days prior to an event, you will not receive a refund.
  • If you are not present for an adventure for which you have registered and you have not provided notice of cancellation 7 days in advance, your deposit will not be refunded and you will be precluded from participation in future events.   
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