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Our Mission

Through mindful engagement in inspiring outdoor experiences, we aim to enhance the lives of children who experience anxiety and depression and their families.  

The Courage Project seeks to

raise awareness and destigmatize 

mental health concerns, 

one adventure at a time.  



At The Courage Project, we offer opportunities for children to engage in both summer and winter mountain-inspired activities, all in the world-class destination of beautiful Lake Tahoe.  


Our expert staff introduce activities thoughtfully and compassionately to meet the unique needs of children who experience anxiety and depression,  giving them access to previously inaccessible experiences.  


Please see our schedule of upcoming adventures to book an activity.


We are a fully volunteer run and donation supported organization. That means 100% of  your donation goes directly to helping kids. 


Your generous contribution makes

the Courage Project possible.

The Courage Project is a registered 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt

Non-Profit Organization.


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Anxiety and Depression limit children from seeing all that they are capable of achieving.  

We're here to change that.  By compassionately and thoughtfully introducing children to inspiring mountain adventures in world-class Lake Tahoe, the Courage Project provides children with

experiences that challenge their expectations regarding their capabilities.  Our goal is to help

children with anxiety and depression believe in their ability to live their lives to the fullest.  

With the help of incredible volunteers and a team of amazing athletes,

the Courage Project is making a difference in the lives of

children and families, one adventure at a time.   

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