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Q.  My child does not have a formal diagnosis of anxiety or depression.  Can I still apply? 

A.  Yes!  A formal diagnosis is NOT required for participation. Our adventures are thoughtfully designed to specifically benefit children who may need a little additional support, particularly those who experience fears, worry, perfectionism, difficulties with transitions, withdrawal or similar challenges.  If you feel your child could benefit from emotion regulation, coping skills, or mindfulness training, please apply! 

Q.  I'm not sure if my child can climb / ski / paddle or if they will enjoy the experience. Should I register anyway? 

A.   At The Courage Project, we welcome children of all ability levels!  Our philosophy is to meet children where they are and to gently and gradually encourage them to explore the boundaries of their comfort zone.  With this     sensitive and supportive approach, children are set up for success!  It's amazing what a little inspiration can do.  

Q.  What measures do you take to protect the safety of your participants? 

A.  Safety is our top priority.  In order to provide a safe, fun experience, with lots of one-on-one attention, we limit participation to maintain small group sizes, provide all necessary safety items, and welcome skilled and trained volunteers to assist us. All of our adventures are instructed by professional guiding operations who employ AMGA-certified rock climbing guides, skilled and trained paddle and watersafety instructors, certified yoga and ski instructors, and naturalists skilled in guiding groups of all ages and sizes. 

Q.  We're behind your mission all the way and would love to be involved.  Is The Courage Project looking for sponsors or partners? 

A. Absolutely!  We have a fantastic team of sponsors and we're adding to the roster regularly.  Our sponsors provide resources, money, and manpower to help keep The Courage Project in action.  If you're interested in facilitating a partnership or sponsorship contact us at  

Q.  May I donate equipment, food, or other resources?

A.  Yes, please! We welcome donations and are so grateful for your generosity .  If you're interested in donating please visit our Donation page or contact us at

Q.  I have both a child with anxiety and a child without any mental/behavioral health concerns. Do you accept sibling registrations for adventures?  

A.  We welcome everyone in the family to enjoy a day in the mountains with us. Many siblings of children with challenges also struggle - and siblings seldom get the help they need. To maximize the experirence for each child, we encourage families to have siblings attend separate events. 

Q.  I would like to get my school, club, or team involved with the Courage Project's mindfulness programs for wellness or performance enhancement. How can I learn more?  

A.  We have elementary, middle school, and team-based programs available and would be happy to work directly with your school administrator, coach, and associated staff to design and implement a tailored program. Program evaluation is also available. Please contact us to learn more. 

Q. How can I apply for an adventure?  

A.  Visit our Adventures page and click on the activity you'd like to attend.   If registration for an upcoming event is open, just fill out the required information and wait for a confirmation email. If registration is not yet open, please add your name to the waitlist and we will contact you directly when spots become available. Because we always limit group size to create the best experience possible, spots can fill up fast. If you're interested in participating, we encourage you to reserve a spot now by requesting to be added to the waitlist for a particular adventure. 

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